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Assessment Lesson


An Assessment lesson will be used:-

As a first lesson for a complete beginner.

If a learner driver has had previous driving lessons, or has some previous driving experience as a learner.

If you have an international licence and want to obtain a full UK Licence.

This will enable me to assess your existing skills and knowledge and plan your ongoing lessons to fit your individual needs.

Lesson duration is 2 hours         £65

Manual Driving Lessons Bristol

Driving Lessons Bristol - Manual Driving Lessons

You will be driving the Citroen C3 Flair for your driving lessons.

The car is fitted with Dual controls so you can feel 100% safe while learning the basics and more advanced driving techniques.

The vehicle has Air Conditioning for your best comfort.

The Citroen C3 Flair is an enjoyable car to drive and learn in and is perfect for people of all driving abilities whether just starting out or coming back for refresher lessons.

Your driving lessons will be adapted to suit your individual needs and you will progress at a pace that suits you although I do like to encourage people to take that extra step if they feel they can.

So don’t worry if you are nervous, your lessons will be professional but relaxed and fun.

There’s no rule that says you can’t have fun while learning to drive safely.

Lessons                    £65 

Motorway Lesson

Whether you've just passed your driving test or feel you could do with a refresher on Motorway Driving this lesson can be adapted to suit your needs and the Bristol area is perfect for your purpose. 

Lesson duration is 2 hours          £65

Refresher Lesson

Had a break from driving or feeling a bit rusty and want to get back up to date? Have one or two refresher lessons. If you have a specific skill you want to brush up on the lesson can be tailored to your requirements


 Lesson duration is 2 hours          £65

Night Driving

It's not unknown for people to pass their driving test having never driven at night! If you've not driven at night or are still nervous have a couple of night driving lessons to get you back on track.

Lesson duration is 2 hours         £65

Pass Plus

Once you’ve completed Pass Plus you may be able to get a car insurance discount.

​The amount of discount depends on the insurance company. Not all insurers offer Pass Plus discounts.

Pass Plus requires a minimum of 6 hours which will be completed over 3 two hour sessions at £65 per session

See Pass Plus on separate page in Menu

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